Friday, September 14, 2007

Thanks for your interest and support over the past few years. I can't explain why exactly, but this blog hasn't been a priority for me the last several months - I've been happy and I think more specifically, occupied with interactions with my partner and kids during the times of day I used to post in the past. Writing has gone by the wayside for a while. Maybe its true that my writing is largely driven by angst or anxiety? But the greater feeling is one of being uncomfortable being indiscriminately exposed and wanting to spend my time other ways, thus I am going to label A Line Cast officially inactive and admit I'm an internet slacker for the moment.

Before I log out a quick update though. We are making progress on the new house, although it seems very slow and ground isn't broken yet - might not be until early next year now. We are enjoying the creative aspects of designing and our regular forays scavenging reuse materials are rewarding - this week Craigslist yielded tongue-in-groove clear vertical grain fir at a very reasonable price we can use for trim once we strip the old paint off it. Ebay is another best friend. I know the stuff on the house would be fun blogging material (and actually there's enough angst there for me to lose sleep occasionally) but it doesn't seem to drive me to post about it. We picked apples, pears and blackberries last week, and one night in August we grabbed a bottle of wine, some glasses and drove there at 10pm to watch the full moon rise over the hills to the east. Someday that won't involve a drive.

The wedding date was fall 2008 but we might pull it in now rather than wait for the house to get finished. The combined household seems to be drama-free albeit a bit crowded at times. Five cats was one too many "personality problems" so my kid's Dad agreed to take Rainbow. Mango the dog-cat-bully weighs in at 18 pounds now. The hedgehog passed on after a blissful 3 months playing number one billing in the 6th grade. I went through several days of training and am now doing hospice respite care. The kids continue to do that growing up, negotiating school and finding themselves thing. A week ago they didn't know who Obama was, so we are working on a little election awareness. The son has suddenly gone from being completely uncaring about appearances to needing to buy the black and white checkered Van shoes. Somehow I thought it would be different...asking for Nikes or something. But given his parents tastes in shoes....

Life is real good here and I feel lucky and grateful. Please accept my best wishes for your happiness and contentment. Bye for now.

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