Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I hope your holidays were warm however you spent them.
As expected, we had a mix of joy and sadness, and a lot of moments in between, busy might be the best way and simplest way to describe the last two weeks.

The kids are getting to know mr. xxx, which is interesting, challenging and fun. The difference between what an 11 year old boy understands about relationships and what a 13 year old girl understands is monumental. My son has decided we should adopt mr. xxx and has started working out the logistics, which involved discussion of where mr. xxx would be able to sleep at night. The spare bed in my daughter's room was quickly eliminated by said daughter with comments like "ewwww" and "that's just wrong" and quite a lot of hair being flipped around. Everyone knows (except an 11 year old boy) that adult men don't sleep in adolescent girls' rooms DUH. We discussed the hide-a-bed couch and yet, we need a couch to sit on and where would his clothes go? I refused to move to the window seat. My son then concluded I'd have to sleep with mr. xxx. The next topic became, "Mom, you'll have to get used to sleeping in the same bed with someone now." Ever a man with an answer, my son had a suggestion for that this week as well. Crash test dummy. Yes, you read that right. He suggested that I get a crash test dummy to put in my bed so I could get used to having someone in bed with me. Now that he has that solved, he sees no other issues to having mr. xxx move right in.

Meantime, the daughter still isn't sure we should be allowed to kiss. Even with mistletoe.

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