Friday, November 18, 2005

We've been in the hospital since Tuesday. Not sure when we will go home, maybe early next week. They've told me that we don't need to push food anymore. Chemo was ruled out, so we are playing an "end game" as he puts it. Two months maybe. Is the glass half full or half empty? Better than 2 weeks, sorrier than 2 years. Next week we figure out nursing care and hospice for helping at home. For now, its awfully nice to have a pair of arms to hold me when I need a break. Guess its obvious I'm not online much, and doing what should be done. Thanks so much for the caring responses to the last few posts. They do help, a net of hands to keep the ground a little less hard.

Five things to do while you wait for the doctor to come by:
Listen to Bach
Ask the nurse her favorite flavor of ice cream
Read the new Harry Potter book
Find out that my grandfather was an inventor and built the first radio in his town
Wear the unused hospital underwear and footies on your head and hands and put on a puppet show

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