Tuesday, October 04, 2005

One last Lydia story.
During the holidays for many years we've hung red plastic chile lights on our front door, and over the years we'd notice that the chile covers would seem to end up in odd places. But we didn't think much about it. Then one year we had a charity go through our neighborhood leaving rolled up garbage size bags at each of our doorsteps soliciting donations. Over the next two weeks not one or two, but eight or ten of them mysteriously appeared in our yard, and I found two on my bedroom floor. I caught Lydia carrying one into the backyard and suddenly it occured to me we had a resident thief. Then one day I came home and found a strange, small rolled up advertising poster for a sports team on my bedroom floor. I cannot tell you how perplexing this seemed. I live upstairs and she would have had to drag it up a tree and across the roof and through a window, but the kids vehemently denied any involvement. A couple of small plastic "Aristocats" toys seemed to keep ending up out in the driveway even though I'd bring them in and wash them. But the kicker... I came home one day and found a yellow rain boot hanging halfway out the window of my bedroom. This thing is at least a third her weight, but the teeth marks in the toes gave her away. She had carried it too from the front porch, across the yard, up the tree, across the roof, and apparently was thwarted when the toe stuck on the window sill.

I suppose I have a choice.
I can view the serum sliding into her veins as taking her life,
or releasing her life into some other direction.
The deflation here becomes an inflation somewhere else. I don't think
the energy just stops. Especially the whimsical part.
But either way I have to say goodbye.
Thanks for your caring thoughts.
It was a good cat life she led. Now its over. At least here.

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