Sunday, August 28, 2005

Compassion is... feeling angry and protective about my dog's wounds, and feeling sorry for the other dog owner who took her dog to be put down yesterday.
Compassion is... feeling glad my Dad is moving here on a trial basis next week so we can spend more time with him, and feeling sad he has to leave his comfortable house of 50 years.
Compassion is... recognizing parenting is a sucky job when your kid is deliberately acting difficult, and recognizing that the kid is equally miserable with his behavior.
Compassion is... not blaming the person who loves me but ends up hurting me, and feeling love for my spirit which continues to cry in pain.
Compassion is... not something I afford myself very often. Not often enough. Something some accuse me of sharing too generously with everyone else. At my expense. Something spirit seems to disagree with, by throwing ever more unavoidable opportunities for me to give while I seem to have nothing left to draw from.
Compassion is... an exercise in opening your heart when it wants nothing more than to close down for the night.

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