Thursday, June 16, 2005

I have a good dad. The type who nags you about going to the doctor and getting enough rest and worries that he's not there when you're sick, even though you're 46 and he's 84 and this would beg the question who should be taking care of whom right?

ANYhow, I was reassuring him last night that I had finally gone to the doctor and gotten some antibiotics and he was lamenting the fact that he wasn't here to help me out. I told him I have all the classic sick stuff on hand, tea, soup, 7-Up, popsicles. When I got to the popsicles, I remembered something about being sick as a kid. My Mom would call my Dad at work, and state in some terribly compassionate fashion how his little one was desperately ill, and needed him to stop on the way home for supplies. This translated into a request for my Dad to stop at the drive-through dairy to pick up juice bars. I would get to choose, grape, orange or lemon. They were all equally good, and a treat that only showed up in the house when I was sick.

The drive-through dairy.

No no that's not what it was. Let's try google image search again.




Oh good here we go.

This is kinda close, but in our case, the drive-through dairy had you drive through the middle of the building, and there was one of those old gas station bells that rang when you drove in, and they came over and handed you the milk or whatever out of the refridgerator cases.

When they were closed, the big garage doors were down and this always seemed like a very sad sight for me even though our stops there were rare.

Occasionally on weekend errand runs, during the summer, we would stop and get fudgisicles as a special treat. I can't tell you why but it was always Dad who went to the drive-through dairy. We of course had regular milk delivery to our front door most of the time I was growing up (glass bottles in a little wire milk crate that held six) so we didn't go to the drive-through dairy for milk. Now I wonder, didn't they sell fudgsicles at the supermarket in the 1960s?

Did you have a drive-through dairy in your town? What did you get there?

Postscript: I am thinking it might have been an Alta Dena drive through dairy, apparently they still have locations in So. Cal although not near my hometown anymore.

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