Friday, May 06, 2005

Urgent Wasabi Chocolate Update:

You have to try it. Here's what happens. You break off a square. You place it in your mouth and first you get the dark fruit liquor flavor of the extra dark chocolate. Next, quickly following, the ginger presents a citrusy note, clean and crisp as the chocolate starts to smooth out into a richer flavor on your tongue as it melts. Then you have a slight texture but no real flavor from the black sesame seeds, but textural interest is good and it doesn't overtake the smooth feel. Then you swallow, wondering "where was the wasabi?"

Your throat tells you its there. A hint of heat, somewhat menthol like, as the horseradish chases back up into your nose.

COOL. This one is called a Black Pearl Bar.

There was a second bar I kept secret. But now I'll tell you about that one too. It's called a Naga bar. I love the word Naga and it is well named. This bar is milk chocolate based, and so it melts much sooner against your tongue, filling your whole mouth with a rich velvety feeling and a mild but intoxicating chocolate flavor. It feels lush. Curry is firmly melded into the chocolate flavor, unlike the separation of the ginger in the last bar. Not strong at all, but definitely evoking all the exotic pictures you can conjure of sultry women in saris, smoldering Indian men, incense and humid emotions. But also a third evenly emphasized note, of coconut. Not Mounds bar kind of coconut, just a light note harmonizing with the curry and the milk chocolate, adding sweetness, depth and balance.

I think I liked the second one better, for the sheer surprise of the curry and chocolate together.

These are products of Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Worth looking for.

Thanks Robin and Carl! I'm absolutely relishing them.

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