Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I would be the first to concede that the birthday card I got from a close friend with the punchline: "I could ask for a more NORMAL friend, but not a better one" was appropriate. But reviewing some of the gifts this year, I'm wondering if I've gone too far or my friends just think I have. I mean, who else do you give:

-An egg case out of which will hatch 200 live praying mantis?
-A dark chocolate bar with wasabi, black sesame seeds, and Japanese ginger?
-A DNA testing kit to trace your female ancestors back to their origins?
-An author signed novel reviewed by NPR this way: "A quirky literary creation... a romance, a tale of terror, an historical novel and a primer on holistic health."
-A teapot shaped nightlight and a certificate to have tea at a tearoom 800 miles from home.
-A birder's journal

I guess I just don't seem like the Gap gift card type.

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