Monday, April 18, 2005

In Memory

A thing treasured is not easily forgotten
So I made love to your memory this morning
Face pressed into your smell
A t-shirt little substitute for the body I so miss
But in the moments between dreaming and awake
The mind is more easily tricked.

I pictured how you came up behind me
Drew back my hair and pressed your lips into my neck
Your other arm wrapped tightly around my waist
Fingers slowly dragging the teal silk up my hip
Put myself in that moment once more
Let myself replay what came next.

As I slid over the edge, cried out your name in release
Something else broke open in my heart
A flood of things we have yet to do
One release triggering another
Coupled with the cries of bliss came sobs
Grief and ecstasy merging into an involuntary prayer
“Please don’t go.”

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