Monday, March 07, 2005

Here is my well guarded hysteria
Residing under the third rib on the left
Suddenly so domineering,
Months go by and nary a peep
Today a roar of voices shouting every conceivable doubt

I retreat down the road I followed to get here
Passing every hope and moment of sweetness
A warm slice of boysenberry pie
At a diner closed since we ate there
My hand in yours, walking in the dark to the car,
I am suddenly sure it was all a sham.

How could you have believed, the voices ask,
How could you trust love again?
I don't trust this, no, I respond.
Then you must be punished they taunt, because
For a moment there you forgot
This cache of insecurities nestled under your tortured heart
Waiting to be unleashed.
And you thought someone cared again, they sneer
Give up your hopes before he sees
The rotted foundation they were built upon.

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