Thursday, March 17, 2005

Courtesy of the party hostess extraordinnaire Leslee, a link to a New York times article by David Brooks about my destination, and about a world that stunts excess in the most bizarre ways.

The waiter thrust a ladle into the inferno and lifted up long, dripping streams of blue fire, hoisting the burning liquid into hypnotizing, showy cascades. He poured out a circle of flame onto the tablecloth in front of us. It was a lavish pyre of molten, inebriating java and then, when he swung around to where I was sitting, I turned and asked the climactic question:

"Is it decaf?"
Now go read the rest.

Hopefully, I can live with a philosophy of nearly full abandon.
(At least with the exception of caffeine...)

Enjoy the next 10 days, I should be offline most or all of it.

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