Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You remember Acorn right? She does this other funny thing when I am sitting at the computer and she wants more attention. She crawls, belly sort of flattened against me, up from my lap up onto one shoulder, then attempts to delicately balance on the narrow back of the dining chair I sit on. Then she decides to pirouette. Doing this, either gracefully or ungracefully, inevitably involves a kitty butt shoved into my ear, with terrible sanitation consequences I'm sure.

Maybe this is written all over my face when I go out on those ridiculous internet dates. "This woman carries disgusting cat germs in the vicinity of her right ear. Cut the date short before you risk contamination."

Now she has misjudged (?) the space on the desk in front of the keyboard, and in attempting to walk this slips off the well polished surface, only to be caught just in time by the keyboardist. Maybe she does this on purpose to get me to hold her rather than fidget around with keys and mouses.

There are times when the purring of a cat still doesn't drown out the silence of an empty room in the wee hours of the night.

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