Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Took the kids to spend some Christmas gift money, and decided to buy myself new PJs.
I stood looking at all the different options and eventually concluded I had no idea what type of sleepwear person I was this week.
Is this a sign of severe ego displacement? Should I be seeking mental health advice?
The daughter, in her ever wise counsel pointed out that because I wasn't wearing them out in public, I should pick out whatever I wanted for once and not worry about how it looked. This just made it worse.
I stood staring at the racks, paralyzed by indecision... Sexy? Silly? Comfortable? Nostalgic?
and finally turned it over to my son. He picked out a nondescript cream colored floral nightgown and we managed to get home without further incident.

Think I'll go put it on and see if an extra hour of sleep tonight might help me solidify some picture of myself again.

Machholz arrival?
Or a short-term scattering
This mind in fragments

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