Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Place Where Dreams Rest

I imagine
My skin melting away
Layer upon layer of doubt
Dripping away under a velvet warmth
Until all the questions, all the fears
Quiet into absolute silence,
The sound of molecules shifting
Loud in the void that
Once filled with whispers of imperfection.
A gentle voice speaks strong and sure from my heart,
Clear as a flame burns
Calls your true name, hand held out-
And one by one you approach
Reach out to touch my naked self
Fingertip to fingertip
We do not speak,
Only share a moment of mutual faith
Until all the weight of our pasts
All the grieves of our hurts
All the selfish thoughts
Are washed away, forgotten,
Leaving the purity of connection
Till there's no me, no you,
Only spirit and light and joy.

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