Monday, October 25, 2004

Quickly improvised dessert for my women's group dinner/discussion on Sufism...
Combine 3-4 TB honey in a small microwavable dish with 2-3TB orange blossom water. Heat for 30 seconds and stir.
Scoop vanilla bean ice cream into 4 dishes, and top with a sprinkle of finely grated fresh orange zest. (I LOVE my zester. Its right up there with my parmesan grater.) Pour a small quantity of the honey-orange blossom syrup over the ice cream and top with 2 or 3 marcona almonds. Serve quickly.

Note to self: An hour of CSI Miami, and a half hour of evening news makes the daily arrival of many cars to the newly rented house across the street seem very menacing.
Really he's probably just having friends over for beers.
There were so many cars Friday night that they were parking 2 blocks away. Roaring in and out a bit faster than we are used to in my quiet cul de sac.
Maybe this isn't the type of guy to bring the welcoming plate of cookies to.
On the other hand, maybe it would be a good idea to look him in the eye and see what we are dealing with. Maybe bring them on a dinner plate so we can dust for fingerprints when he returns it *grin*

Speaking of dinner plates...I found several bowls and a set of cups and saucers on EBAY to replace some of my now extinct dinnerware pattern. They happened to be here in Portland, so I saved myself a bunch of shipping charges and drove over to pick them up. She threw in 4 more dinner plates and finally agreed to take a couple more dollars for them, the same plates I had been watching on EBAY were going for $6-8 each. I also got a nice Sting local crew tshirt from the concert I saw a couple of weeks ago for less than half what the regular t's went for at the show. It is a nicer shirt too! Yay EBAY!

And just a quick note of thanks to Dale over at mole, for providing the truly reassuring kind of hugs that are needed when one starts a lunch in tears over a work problem. I'm not sure it will get better, but I do know that it's not such a big thing, my kids are marvelous, my house is warm and I like it more each day, my friends are steadfast and caring, my health is good, and my dog, well, he's there to bark at
across the street.
Who needs David Caruso?

Now I have to go look up what TV show he was on before CSI. Some medical show?

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