Monday, October 04, 2004

A few months ago we swapped beds between my children's rooms.
This was a pretty big undertaking as it required one 50 lb boy and one smallish adult female unscrewing and disassembling three beds completely, since the frames did not fit through the doorways, dragging mattresses and box springs back and forth, then reassembling the parts in a different configuration. We thought we did this for purely aesthetic reasons, in order to rearrange my daughter's room so the headboards on the beds would not extend above the window sill, but we found out tonight why we really did it.

As I mentioned over in elck's comments this evening, my son had a run in with the new (taller) headboard which resulted in a nice little egg raised on the back of his head. He threw himself backward, I guess I should say he was in a rage and at this moment had covered his head with the sheet and screamed at me "Don't READ! I'm just going to SLEEP" at which point, he apparently did not stop to think about the fact that he was too far up in the bed to land on his pillow when he slammed back. Owwww that hurts.

Anyhow, three icepacks and an ibuprofin later, my son is comfortable again and I go to tuck my daughter into bed, and she asks me to show her what he has done. I turned to her (shorter) headboard, and as I pointed to what he hit, we realized that if he'd been in the bed she was now sleeping in, he would have split his head right open on the corner of the top horizontal rail, rather than hitting the middle which is made vertical rounded spindles. It hurt a lot, but I'm pretty sure there's no lasting damage.

So. It really was worth it to have taken those beds apart.

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