Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sunday Composite "Scherzando"

I saw a statue of Frank Zappa today
Can I convince you that this happened? It happened in daylight in the center of town
Blinking in the bright sunlight, unsure of where I am
If I cannot trust myself to see these things, how can I trust myself with anything?
I'm ready to accept any extreme claim about my home
I don't even remember to squint as I once would have done
This mad hunt for causes, for explanations
Ricocheting off the wine glasses and careening past the dishes of risotto and fish
They always look a little embarassed when they're out in the open, caught outside in their housecoats
Any attempt to extricate myself from this unfortunate position will result in my unwitting sterilization
Luckily, I possess a real mop and a real mop bucket
Clad in a style uninfluenced by Ralph Lauren illusions of the good life
And two pounds coffee, one of which was from Cuba

I do feel encouraged now
The rest of the week is when things get edgy.

Sunday Composite "Glissando"

I dreamed of a girl with lemony skin
Where my night self and my day self meet at the parting of some inchoate veil
She relents to that beast inside her heart
Throws her hands deliriously in the air
Teams with the sky and the rivers, and you can't tell any of them apart
Of all the free and joyful things, I think, light and air come first

Blog poets reprised, hopefully patient with my sport

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