Monday, August 09, 2004

what passes
the wedding announcement leaves me unmoved
beyond a kernal of disbelief that it will last
even that so small
I know his hold is finally gone

what lingers
he leans over the sink
whispers Happy Anniversary
behind us, the sounds of our son's birthday party swirl in
the sudden pool of my tears

what wishes
possibly it would be wiser to trust a wolf
than build this house of cards constructed
from the same unarchitected hopes blown down so many times
but here I go again, trusting this time the magic glue will stick

what fears
For miles I watch them in my rearview mirror
commuting, mute, to work together
coifed, groomed so perfectly I wonder would words break the spell
or has an icy resentment frozen their vocal cords?

what dreams
tonight they will spoon their bodies together in bed
tomorrow they'll call during lunch,
mutually obsessed, it doesn't matter with what
this time, let one of them be me

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