Monday, July 12, 2004

Where Breath Becomes Sound

You turn me to face away
Suddenly the universe is empty
As a blind man, I listen with my whole body
The yiraki a tuning fork
Your breath playing pulses
Over my shoulders and spine
Regulating the vibration in my soul
My heart beat shifts down
Allowing a tremor of self acceptance
This is my body, here.
This is my heart, here.
This is my sanctity, here.
My feet connected to the earth, my breath to the air
The flowing of my blood to the sea
Here tuned, for a moment, attuned
To the possibility
That you hear the single Spirit in me
That I hear the single Spirit in you
One with the purity of sound
An undulating echo of a whale’s song
Bubbles breaking through the surface of a brook
Wind caressing a chimney hollow
The single bowed note of a cello
Begging us to hold our breath alongside
We are linked in the rhythm sung by the air that dances between us.

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