Monday, July 12, 2004

We are back from a couple of days at Disneyland, where there was an accident on a ride about an hour after we rode it which caused some injuries, and from a few days visiting my Dad, who is badly in need of human company for some intelligent conversation. I wish he'd come visit us, but he's just not able to face traveling. We're lightly sunburned, tired, and missing a suitcase which contained the ever important sleeping bear. And true to form, Joey the wonderdog promptly exited the back door, found some way to smear his whole back side in dog poop, and required bathing at midnight after what was already a long evening.

Riding out to the airport parking lot on the shuttle bus, I sat across from my two very tired kids and stared at their profiles, thinking how alike they looked. Almost as if you could trace their features at that moment, and one would be a very slightly smaller version of the other. Which is pretty odd because one of my kids has no genetic relation to the other. But at that moment, I think they both were feeling precisely the same things. Reflections of their recent hours written on their expressions outweighed the difference in their ethnicity, lineage, heritage.

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