Friday, July 23, 2004

Lawn signs.
I'm just not so sure about them.
I find that I'm quite happy about the houses with the lawn signs I already agree with.
I find that I have less and less interest in chatting with the neighbors with lawn signs I disagree with.
I don't really believe that putting up a lawn sign is going to persuade anyone to vote a certain way, so what the sign does is declare allegience.
It seems to me, that its more likely to create a gulf that shuts down open dialogue and consideration of the issues.
I'm also thinking, it puts people on the defensive, so even if I never would have talked to my neighbor about politics, now I'm not even going to examine my beliefs in the quiet of my own home. I'm just going to take a stand and hold it no matter what golldarnit.

Still, I'm secretly cheering everytime I see another Kerry sign go up.

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