Wednesday, July 21, 2004

From my "Emperor Great Beak Bird Coin Hold" package:
"This is a coin hold of great beak bird style, there are 3 size large, middle and small.  you can put the name card, commutation ticket or pen on the back.  Particularly in the beak which can be clip commutation ticket or paper money to enable driver to take up easy.  also the wings will be flapped when the car is driving.  it looks very attractive!"
(note:  punctuation and grammar exactly as printed)
It does look very attractive, by the way.  And it has great style. 
I got it at Archie McPhee but since I don't see any in their catalog at the moment, you'll have to settle for these charming tiki god air fresheners instead.    I'm sorry, I know I promised something of weighty content, but the dog had one of his epileptic seizures and I'm forced to improvise something entertaining with short notice tonight. 

(Well actually, couldn't we all use a little light babble between all this serious shit anyhow?) 

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