Thursday, July 01, 2004

Being a Mirror to Your Greatness

Excerpt from The Other 90% by Robert Cooper

"The man brought his palms together in front of his chest and with his wife and children, saying "Tashi deley." "It means," said the father to me through my guide, who interpreted the words, "I honor the greatness in you. I honor the place in you where lives your courage, honor, love, hope, and dreams. Tashi deley."

Then something happened that I'll never forget. His daughter asked me a question that changed me. The terror inflicted on them by an occupying army and government from China has been well documented. But she already knew she had some qualities deep inside her that no one else could take away, no matter how hard they might try to restrict her life or harm her.

"In America," she asked expectantly, "when people say 'Hello,' do they honor the greatness in each other?"

The question struck a chord in me. I peered into her earnest, bright face. "No," I said, and then I added, "but I wish they did."

Every step I took through the mountains that rimmed that valley in Tibet, I realized that so many of the problems we face begin when we fail to honor the greatness in each other. Rarely had I ever felt anything when I said hello to others. What was the price I had paid, that we all pay?

The Tibetan girl sensed the truth. Every human being has greatness inside, somewhere. No exceptions. Those who look for, and honor, this greatness in others are already growing. In some small but vital way, their star is rising."

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