Sunday, June 27, 2004

It took me back

It is 2AM and I am in John Gong's dorm room
Across the hall my roommate
Lynn, has invited her guy to spend the night
John firmly asexual, chaste
His roommate, a rich Japanese tennis player, always gone
John's room is where we all went to hang at night
Tonight I am just there longer than the rest

The lights are long since out but
Still the thoughts stream, time suspended
In the darkness, on our backs, tossing the words up
Like blue rubber racket balls to the ceiling,
Waiting calm but ready for the words
To bounce back across the room
We sift through the longings that haunt us
Hesitantly share the wishes we've hung on evening stars
Giggle at embarressments
Talk for hours until finally
Talk and sleep are merged into warm, safe dreams

I don't remember falling asleep but the
Mid morning light arrives and I wake, turn to my side
To see John watching me, lieing in his bed, still and waiting
The smile that slips over me is filled
With all the warmth of a lazy summer day
Where anything is possible
And yet, all of it is good
There is no hug, no touch that connects us
But it as if now
I know the swing of his arm without thinking

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