Thursday, April 15, 2004

An odd collection of what's on my mind today....

Does the preponderance of baby boomers and (often unexamined) experiences of growing up during the cold war era have something to do with Bush's popularity and our responses to the 9/11 tragedy? Do we overreact out of the belief system that someday we will all be annihilated, something many of us believed as children? (Check out Kurt's musings on growing up today too!)

What should I make for breakfast Saturday morning for the women's circle retreat to the coast? One of the women doesn't eat red meat. One is not into spicy. Possibly a cajun egg scramble? Muffins? Quiche?

I journeyed a week ago and asked for a vision for the transformation mask I am feeling called to carve. There was a kingfisher, but as it opened up its mouth to show me what it carried in its beak, I basically lost the vision and couldn't grasp what the interior of the mask should open to reveal. This doesn't surprise me a bit. I clearly would rather avoid seeing whatever it is I am "masking." Some more work is in order, and I'm hoping this weekend's retreat will allow me to look a little deeper into my shadow.

In a talk on leadership and women yesterday the speaker suggested that women who aspire to corporate leadership positions should read military history, such as Napoleon and Patton, to understand the models that males follow in creating their own models of leadership. I have never had an interest in reading military history, but know many men colleagues that read it for "entertainment". Now I am wondering if this was actually reading for work.

Why is it that I'm finding out what today's weather is like where I live from checking in on my blog rather than being in it? Ok ok work is a good excuse I guess. But it surprises me that I haven't even looked out a window.

Happy (?) Tax Day to those of you in the U.S. Every year I find out some new mistake I've made in figuring out my taxes. :)

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