Monday, April 26, 2004

Incoming mail....

"Hello Precious,

I call you that because that is how I feel about you at this moment.
I was attracted to your ad because of your style...I will be in OR. for a brief period next week and may re-locate at another time. I would love to see you if you can sneak away...*smile*

As you will see I've put some time and careful thought in writing this letter to you. I don't have a profile on aol so I'm sending it to you here.

I wrote because I felt compelled to express a desire I have for you, From what you wrote, the way you expressed yourself leads me to believe I would enjoy making your acquaintance.You seem to me to have a style and class that might ruboff {:-) and perhaps I can fulfill some of the needs you requested..

I think your special and unless I'm wrong that is the way you will always be to me. Because that is the way I meet you here. The vision of loveliness...These are not just idle words of some computer nut. In fact I know very little about these machines..

But I felt you were more than worth the time. How can I complete your life, your feelings your needs, your sexuality..these are the questions going through my mind at this moment...

By now you wondering what do I see in You? And what may we have in common: Now I'll guess at this you can tell me how I did, You and I both love, travel, movies ( I just wrote and produced 2, doing 4 more this year ), theater ( I am the former Artistic director of a theater in Beverly Hills), music ( I'm producing a CD this year), reading ( Publishing novels this year) and I'll venture sharing quality time love making and laughing to name a few.

A computer, Chat or Instant message relationship I am not interested in..I like the old-fashioned method of speaking on the phone and or meeting a lady.

So. Unfortunately if you just want to talk on a computer I fear destiny will pass us by.

...So My Precious here I am.

If you are not interested, PLEASE DON'T WRITE BACK - It would hurt to much, to see you email and then to open it to find out, no!

Thinking of you...............



Think I'll have to save that one.

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