Saturday, March 13, 2004


Mountain Goddess yearned to touch
The churning Ocean God afar
Eons passed and deep inside
Unmet desire melted that granite heart into magma
A swirling current of fire.

One day Pele came to Mountain Goddess
"Give me a place to sleep, and some food,
For I am lost on your slopes, tired and hungry."
Mountain Goddess offered 'ohelo berries
Then hollowed a caldera where Pele could rest.

Moon rose and Pele awoke to sounds of wailing.
"Mountain Goddess, tell me what you mourn"
"I long to be free to leap and roll
Like the waves of shining water there."
Ulu branches stretched taut from reaching towards the sea.

When Ku arrived in the East, Pele cried
"Your Ocean god awaits"
Ground rumbled cracked and heaved.
As Pele granted the wish.

That molten center at last erupted in a torrential river of heat
Pouring out the rift between them torn
Lava like blood flowed toward cliff edge,
Plunging into waves of rapture
Where clouds of steam hid their explosive melding
Ocean God immersed her fire in his watery arms
Finally settling together
In banks of shimmering obsidian.

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