Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Andrea led us on a journey Sunday night, to help us meet our shadow and light strengths. In the meditation, she led us through a door, down a path, and into our "sacred" room, from which we would exit another door and walk along a path to meet each of the elements and see what was uncovered. I had some touching revelations on my journey, I'll attempt to share more in a later post about those, but I was immediately struck by the symbolism of the type of room and place I entered when in this meditative state. In order to help remind myself visually where I had journeyed as a way to remember what I had learned, I went searching for a picture on the web to help me bring it back later. I figured a picture of the type of path I had walked on would be relatively easy to find, because I had journeyed through a Japanese garden, and the larger stepping stones set into a gravel walk are pretty typical. So late that night, I am doing a search on google, and I don't just find a nice picture of the path, but an exceedingly close replica of the room I had visioned. This struck me as amazing, the low square colored table was just as I pictured, as was the placement of the sliding doors and the view outside. But setting that aside, the thing I found telling was how simple, neat, organized everything in my context was. You should see my desk. A study in contrasts. I guess this is telling me a place of simplicity and silence is where I hear the deepening of my soul most clearly, and that sort of place is sorely lacking in my home. Nice to be able to "go there" in other ways.

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