Friday, February 06, 2004

Some days are harder to face as a mother than others.
I would gladly pull the switch on the man who killed that 11 year old in Florida. Forgive my hatred and anger. It isn't just a girl, or a family, or a neighborhood that he has destroyed. Every time a parent lets a child walk free in the world, there is the fear of losing the most precious person in the world. For me, this takes a huge muster of courage. And despite the remote possibility of harm in the place where we live, in the daily lives we lead, it's still like the very heart of me walks out the door in her footsteps. If it were in my hands, I'd gladly personally remove from the face of the planet anyone who could do such a monstrous thing as grab and murder a child.
Damn reason. I heard her mother beg. I want revenge for the pain he caused.

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