Thursday, February 05, 2004

A prayer...
An email brought a suggestion worth passing on... If you use herbs in cooking like I did in the lavender apricot cake, and then pull them out, it is a nice idea to offer them back to the earth rather than just tossing them out.
A thought...
commonbeauty is planning a series of posts on the seven deadly sins. The concept of "sin" is one of the things I am least patient with in some Christian teachings. I say "some" because the New Thought Christian church I attended for a while did not buy into the concept of sin. But I know many Christians think that man's fundamental soul is marred and without taking Jesus as the savior, there is no hope of redemption. I cannot buy into the concept of sin, because the way it is used seems to take the normal range of good and bad choices people make, the normal range of weak and strong wills, the normal range of emotional states, and assign a judgement to the "lower" end of those ranges of variability which denies the natural bell curve of behaviors, and then require a particular act of redemption which ignores the weighting of those behaviors "good" to "bad" and simply seems to brand a person as inevitably fallen.
commonbeauty was amenable to changing the term to vice, which is surely more glamorous and for me more palatable. I'm sure it will be an interesting series, worth checking in there to see what comes up.

And a song...
Dusk in My Backyard
San Miguel, N.M. by Keith Wilson

The long black night
moves over my walls:
inside a candle is lighted
by one of my daughters.

Even from here I can see
the illuminated eyes, bright
face of the child before the flame.

It's nearly time to go in.
The wind is cooler now,
pecans drop, rattle down-

the tin roof of our house
rivers to platinum in th early moon.
Dogs bark & in the house, wine, laughter.

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