Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Due to some file error messages, I'm doing some housecleaning on my home computer. Scanning and defragmenting the disk which allegedly points out the errors and puts it all back together in a more orderly fashion.

Would that I could take all this stuff that floats around in my brain, and do the same thing. Its all there you know, I don't really so much learn new things at this point as recognize that I had just ignored some very useful bit of wisdom for the last 30 years and wonder why it just now surfaced. And those error messages are nothing new either. Why didn't I delete them the first time they showed up!

From the length of my article today, you'd think I'd done a complete disk copy over in commonbeauty's series on vice but I am grateful for his generous offer to host my thoughts. I'm flattered to be writing in such good company!

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