Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Do you have a routine for how you visit favorite blogs?
I realized today that I feel much like a neighbor going from house to house, looking in on each garden to see what has been added or pruned or bloomed. Sometimes the neighbor has guests out in the yard, and I visit with everyone for a moment, then the dog and I walk on to the next one, admiring the hyacinths, inhaling deeply the smells of newly turned soil, dampened leaves, and freshly mown grass. Joey (he's the dog) finds the most treasured dwarf pine, or mound of ornamental grass, or delicate lily plant, (notice the preference for low mounding plants) and pisses like an open fire hydrant on it. I feign dismay, pull him along, and secretly congratulate him for finding the highest priced plant in the yard to pee on. Dog has expensive tastes in urination. Note at the next house the unmistakable smell of a pot roast on hour two of roasting in the oven, the scent drifting out over the brick walkway that winds to their bright red door. Joey sniffs the air too, dogs are lucky, they can drool without embarressment. Turn the corner, and note the interesting garden art created out of discarded yogurt containers built into the shape of a sphinx. I circle the basketball hoop, return on the path I just followed checking for lost earrings, and arrive home refreshed and relieved I didn't have to use the pooper scooper on Madge's perfect lawn today.

But seriously, I do have a "path" I follow through the blogs I read, a route I take daily, a route I only take weekly or so, and a conscious choice to explore a new path every few days, following another blog "trail" 4-5 "houses" away from the familiar one. Unconsciously, I've organized a route based on my "feel" for how the blogs flow from one to another, and fallen into that routine now. How about you? What organizes your route? How much does it vary day to day?

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