Monday, January 19, 2004

Some topics I find interesting... Food. Travel. The quirky traits of human nature. Dale suggested I do a little surfing.

He's funny, irreverent, and he posts in bite sized portions. Check out Alton Brown's blog for a fun read about food, cooking and mad cows.

Rocks Shaped Liked Shoes. Reclaimed grocery lists. And more! I wonder what makes I am Keaggy tick. But I like it! And I really did for some strange reason get involved reading other's people's discarded shopping lists! Probably wierder than reading the obits!

A group weblog written by expats. A look at the cultures through the lense of an outsider. Some interesting stories about both naivety and arrogance. Some touching stories about how we are connected to our roots and also connected to the web of all human experience. Check out Lost in Transit

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