Friday, January 02, 2004

Journey Once Again

I see your reflection in the birch trees,
Leaning out upstream over
Runoff swollen River...
If I plunge in wading,
and the River is deep and cold,
If the current pushes and pulls me down
and the rocks cut jagged tears in my feet
I will reach down to my salmon spirit
Knowing the current in my soul
Pulling me back to home
Spawning grounds memory
That place of origin and rebirth
Finding the drive to fight my way back there
Then wakening the river spirit inside me too
The knowing of shallows,
and eddys, crawdad and caddis fly,
Grey green boulders, and soft mud banks
Deep holes for resting in quiet when I tire
To remember the river's return to origin as well
Where spring became creek became stream
Where river became ocean became vapor
Where rain became runoff became spring again
All returns to source, as I return to you
A circle completing, a return to birthplace
The way of the river is clear before me
The way it has always been

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