Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I quickly chose my clothes this morning, disregarding the fact that the green panties do not match the navy lace bra. In Bend It Like Beckham Jule's mom comments that the point of the underwear isn't that others will see it, it's how it makes you feel because you are wearing it. I wonder if this means I feel mismatched.

I wonder if my metabolism is directly linked to my heart. It seems like the only times I can lose weight are when I've been hopelessly in love.

I'm not in love at the moment.

I wonder if there's a correlation between blogging and depression. There seem to be a lot of references to it.

I wonder if we sometimes call introspection and quietude depression by mistake.

I wonder why I get more upset about taking my dog back to the vet when the treatment doesn't work than I am going back to the doctor for my kid's ailments.

I wonder if this article from the Atlantic is right and I should quit worrying about why people of color don't work at my company, don't live in my neighborhood, don't ask me out to lunch.

I wonder if we are hardwired to need acceptance.

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